August #2
August #2

August #2

Happily, luckily, the numbers of followers on instagram reached 10,000. I truely apprecaite and in the same time, i am very overwhelmed. because i feel that i’m very new to taking shots, also don’t know much about system of instagram. i’m just taking photo in my way, and posting to instagram everyday and updating my blog.
anyway, i am very surprized and i want to say thank you.

as much as i’m getting followers, i get more messages from people about camera i have, about lenses, and sometimes very technical questions. i feel that i’m trusted and i’m so grateful.

and yeah! it’s time to go out!
it’s little cloudy but it’s ok!
every time when i go out for shooting i whisper a mantra.
“today is gonna be great”

Thank you so much!

Have a nice weekend! 🙂

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