March #3
March #3

March #3

today is sunday and the last day of golden week which is chained national holidays in japan. in general people had 8 days of off but i had to work on monday, thursday and friday. but i visited a few places for photo shooting and it’s very good time to me. as i mentioned it’s been raining most every weekend and it made me feel like… meh.
forecast said it also might be rain on golden week but happily when i was off it was beautiful sunny day.
since March, i’ve been so so so so busy on work and i was so tired. i really really needed to run away from “everyday life”.

this spring is little different to me when i take photo. i found a new way to catch up light. of course, it’s not something new and i guess many photographers understand about it but to me, only limited time which is only on weekend, so it’s little hard to find something new, learn something new to myself. anyway, i am enjoying about it.

Thank you!

Have a nice weekend! 🙂

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