January #5
January #5

January #5

it’s spring!
i don’t know why but i felt this winter was so short. maybe because i’m getting old?? i don’t know but it was quite short to me.
spring is nice but at the same time i feel missing winter. lol
to consider my body, winter is not my favorite but i love shooting in winter. everything is so clear and beautiful.
spring, it’s good but humidity is getting kill the clarity in the air.
oh well, i need to learn more to solve this thing.

plus, i got pollen allergy and this time is harder than past 2 years. taking medicine every day but still sneezing a lot and my eyes got itchy. sometimes i get cough, even my throat got itch. this is like nightmare to me.
yesterday i had to leave early because my allergy reaction was getting worse when i was shooting around a lake. it was really terrible.
i hope it rain sometimes! i really want it! lol
so, i am not really happy when in spring. lol

Thank you!

Be happy! Have a nice weekend! 🙂

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