October #2
October #2

October #2

usually, i write this on weekend but this time i am writing this it’s Tuesday night.
because i am going to visit my friend in Nagoya prefecture this weekend and stay a night.
when this published, i am already in trip.

it’s been, hot many years?? since the last time i visited Nagoya.
maybe 15 or 16 years ago? or maybe little more?
the last time when i visited Nagoya was for my work so i didn’t have no time to see around. so i don’t know what they have.
but this time i am going to visit with my friend also, and maybe will have some time to see around in Nagoya, so i am excited.

it’s funny because it’s been more than 2 decades friend but it’s first time to trip together. lol
i will go with my camera but it’s not for photoshooting so maybe nothing to share. lol

anyway, it’s very nice season to go somewhere now.
i hope it’s going to be sunny and nice.

Thank you so much!

Have a nice weekend!

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