May #3
May #3

May #3

finally, i moved to a new apartment on last saturday.
it is just 10 minutes away from my old apartment but i have so much stuff so i hired mover. it cost almost 140,000yen ($1400) for three guys and 1.5t truck car and had to back and force twice a day because my stuff is over 2t.
but they are professional. they got everything done in 3 hours. they showed up by 8:30 then they finished by 11:30. but after that,i had to unbox everything and took 3 days…
i realized how hard to moving out at my age. yeah i am not that old but i am not 20s.
but anyway, tuesday night, finally i unboxed everything but still my room is so messy. i need to buy new things and have to do this and that for awhile.
But i need to refresh my mind to relax myself so i decide to go somewhere this weekend.
i hope i can get some nice shots.

Thank you!

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