March #3
March #3

March #3

i went to watarase yusuichi (Yanaka Lake) today, again. i went there last weekend also.
a few photos i took on last weekend i wasn’t satisfy so i went there today, again.

but! i made huge mistake. i would bring Batis 40mm but i brought 85mm. damn!
i notice that i brought wrong one when i shot first time today, at near the station that can access to watarase yusuichi.

anyway i had no choice so i decided to continue walk around for shooting.
i walked to kinda out of watarase lake area. and i would go back to lake to through the area for going back to the station.

but i spent much time at out side of lake. so i was late to come back so they closed the gate.
then i realized that i have to walk by the lake for an hour to go back station… so i did.
i walked over 30,000 steps today. i will stay home tomorrow. lol

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