February #2
February #2

February #2

That once-a-year season is upon us! Although this year it came about a month later than usual, it still came.
The worst season for pollen allergy sufferers.
In my case, I had been sneezing a little for a few days and my eyes were a little itchy, but this morning it got a whole lot worse, to the point where I couldn’t take it anymore.
A friend of mine also messaged me and said that she had gone out to see the plum blossoms but came back soon after because the pollen reaction was too painful.
I had been to a certain cape I had seen on Google Maps, but the strong winds brought a lot of sand and dust into my eyes, and I came back with tears streaming down my face while taking pictures.
It was tough when I was at the cape, but when I came back to my home in Tokyo, my pollen reaction was even worse, and now I am writing this blog while sniffling.

Strangely enough, when I go to the mountains or the sea, my pollen reaction is not so bad, but when I come back to Tokyo, it gets worse at once.
Maybe I should just move to the countryside, but that’s not an option.
I’m told that it will gradually disappear as I get older, so I’ll just have to endure and wait until I’m old enough to stop having allergic reactions.
In any case, it will continue for three or four months from now and I must be prepared.

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