November #3
November #3

November #3

finally! i’ve completed for migrating my blog from a service called g.o.a.t. and this blog site is that i got domain called “tokyokazzo” and no more free blog service.

i should’ve started before! moving out the blog service is so hard. so much to do. but if you got your own domain and server, you don’t have to spend your time like hours and days.

since 2 weeks ago, i kept posting old pictures as archive everyday. it took hours and hours, days and days. so, no text. only pictures. lol
i am happy to post my pictures as my blog again. because even im posting to Instagram, that quality of picture is really bad. they make it smaller when you post picture. it’s not original size. so you cannot see the details.

but if you have your own server and blog like word press or something, you can post as original size.
most free blog service are that you cannot post photograph with original size. you have to resize it before you post it and it’s annoying. lol

oh by the way, i got new camera. it’s sony a7iv.
friday night, i got that new one then went to watarase yusuichi (watarase pond/yanaka lake in tochigi pref) and it was amazing to me. i will post those photos to decmeber #1.

please come back and see my photos again. thanks!

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