February #4

i’m bursted. LOL
too many things on work, too busy, too many idiots, so i’m broke down.
it was thursday, maybe it was almost 5PM, i was like “i can’t take this anymore. i can’t work tomorrow otherwise i go crazy”. so i asked my boss and i was like really broken tone “sorry but i can’t work anymore. so i’m going to take paid leave tomorrow” and he was like “omg, yeah you should take a day off” LOL. yeah…. i was so broken at the time!!

i’m writing this now it’s 11AM friday morning here. i went to gym, worked out for 2 hours. then i had breakfast. now i feel great.

i decide to be lazy today. just don’t decide anything and just follow my feeling. sometimes you really need this, right? lol

Okay, so i will go take a shower, then maybe little nap. lol

Thank you so much!

don’t forget take some rest and have a nice weekend! ❤️

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